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International Max Planck Research School

on Adapting Behavior in a Fundamentally Uncertain World

Summer School

Schedule for 2007

The summer school will be jointly organized with the DFG Graduate School - The Economics of Innovative Change. Participants are encouraged to take advantage of the joint event and visit lectures and classes of both summer schools.

The summer school is held from July 30th till August 24th 2007 at the Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena.

Each course consists of 5 lectures and complementary exercises.

Week Course Name Organizing Institution
Teaching Staff
1 Legal Decision Making MPI Bonn Stefan Bechtold,
Melanie Bitter
1 Cognitive Psychology Psycol. Jena Kai Sassenberg,
Melanie Steffens
1 Experimental Methods Econ. Jena Oliver Kirchkamp
2 Social Psychology Psycol. Jena Thomas Kessler,
Amelie Mummendey
2 Theory of Institutions MPI Bonn Christoph Engel,
Andreas Nicklisch
2 Game Theory MPI Jena Werner Güth,
Topi Miettinen
3 Reasoning in Uncertain Environments CR Jerusalem Judith Avrahami,
Yaakov Kareev
3 Search Strategies in Space and Time UI Bloomington Peter Todd
3 Statistics for Grad Students Econ. Jena Oliver Kirchkamp
4 Heuristic Decision Making MPI Berlin Nathan Berg,
Lael Schooler
Mirta Galesic
4 Innovation and Industrial Dynamics Econ. Jena Uwe Cantner
4 Mathematic Methods for MAPLE MPI Jena René Levinsky,
Ondrej Rydval

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