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on Adapting Behavior in a Fundamentally Uncertain World

Summer School

General Organization

Upfront training of new members comes at two levels. General training of all participants is entrusted to the summer school held each year in August in Jena. The main purpose of the summer school is not to deepen disciplinary training. This is mostly done in specialised courses at the respective department. Rather, these events are meant to give participants the necessary grasp of the neighbouring field(s) with which they are expected to collaborate during their dissertation project. Psychologists and lawyers will thus get a crash course in economic modelling. Lawyers and economists will receive a basic training in the cognitive theory, the assessment of psychological experiments, along with the statistical tools needed for doing so. And economists and psychologists will be imbued with the case method which is at the core of legal work.

At the summer school, each week is planned as follows:

Monday - Friday Saturday

Each summer school will last four weeks. During each week three crash courses will be completed, which makes a total of 12 courses to choose from. Students are required to participate in the summer school in their first and second year and to cover 16 courses altogether (e. g. 8 in the first summer and 8 in the second summer). If they wish, they may join the summer school also in their last year.

The themes of the 2 x 12 crash courses are

Teaching will be conducted by faculty and by invited guests.

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